04 Oct

Another New Dawn

A confession. I am slightly odd about websites. I start one, then delete it several months later after only several posts. I start a new site and decide to include in it all the design, writing, and publishing activities that I do. I manage to get that together, but then a year or two goes by and I’m bored with that site and decide that it’d be better to separate all my activities and to set up a web site for each of them.  But a few years go by before anything happens because I’m too busy to get three sites off the ground, and when I finally do, I immediately begin to wonder whether I can do the work needed to maintain three sites, when I couldn’t manage dealing with just one before. And the cycle continues. Perhaps not quite viciously, but numbingly.

Well, I’m trying to break that cycle now. I’ve got an established portfolio site for my design work that I’ve been pleased with for a year and a half. I’m happy that I finally feel settled with that site. My portfolio site is here if you want to peruse it. And I have also set up a new website for Junction Books, the micro press I started in 1999. Although the activities of the press have been dormant for a while, apart from the Junction Books imprint I publish with Nightwood Editions, plans are in the works to start new projects over the next year, which is exciting. But as for the website, I am not happy with it at the moment, even though it’s only partially up and running. Changes will be made to it shortly so there’s no sense in going out of the way to link to it.

And regarding the site which you are presently visiting? Well, this is yet another attempt at establishing a site devoted to my own writing and the work and activities which surround my writing. My goal is to try to be as forthright as I can with sharing information about my writing. I am a naturally introverted person, so this is not an easy thing for me to do. I hope you will visit me here when you have the odd moment to spare me, and that you will find something worth returning for.