04 Oct

Review: Arc Poetry Magazine

The Material Sublime was reviewed by Abby Paige in Arc Poetry Magazine.

This is the first review I have read of the book (I think there is another one out there, but I haven’t read it). If my work does get reviewed, and it is available online, I will post to it without comment on the particulars of the review itself. And I will post a review whether it is positive, negative, or indifferent. There will obviously be different opinions on any writer’s work, and a negative review, though not especially pleasant, is only one person’s response to your book. The exact same can be said for positive reviews also. As a writer, my goal with respect to reviews, or any critical work on my writing, is to take the middle path, and not put too much weight on either the positive or the negative. I know the weaknesses in my book more intimately than any reviewer ever could. And I probably understand the strengths better too. So the middle path seems most profitable in dealing with this aspect of publishing a book that I am not altogether comfortable with.